585: Actionable Strategies and Tools for Whole Child Resilience & Reducing Chronic Conditions with Dr. Elisa Song

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Almost 50% of kids today are diagnosed with a chronic condition. 

Let that sink in. 

Some studies state that children today are expected to have shorter lifespans than their parents for the first time in history. 

So what’s causing this disruption in our modern world… and how do we start with an integrative approach to care for our kids? 

Pediatric expert and functional medicine practitioner Dr. Song joins me on the show today to help us parents become MORE proactive. So no matter what our kids are exposed to– their immune systems, brains, and microbiomes can learn how to bounce back and stay healthier for longer.

Don’t miss this episode for top recommendations on how diet, movement, and gut microbiome health can help your child remain free from chronic illness, and live a healthier, happier life! 

Dr. Elisa Song, MD 

Dr. Elisa Song is a Standford-, NYU-, UCSF- trained integrative pediatrician, pediatric functional medicine expert, AND a mom of 2 thriving children. Her mission is to revolutionize the future of children’s health. She’s the founder of Healthy Kids, Happy Kids– an online holistic pediatrics resource to help practitioners and parents bridge the gap between conventional and integrative pediatrics. She’s chair of A4M’s pediatrics education and has lectured globally at various functional medicine conferences and parenting events. 


  1. The state of children’s health in the modern world 
  2. The gut microbiome’s influence on chronic childhood disease 
  3. Common ways children’s gut microbiomes become disrupted 
  4. Educating kids on balancing their gut with healthy foods
  5. Proactive steps for parents to help their children’s microbiomes 
  6. Encouraging movement in children for their overall health 
  7. The gut-brain connection and engaging the vagus nerve 
  8. More about Dr. Song’s new book, Healthy Kids, Happy Kids


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