Cypress Essential Oil Uses and Benefits

Are you stuck inside when you would rather be out for a walk in the woods? Cypress essential oil can bring the aroma and refreshment of outdoors into your home and office. Not to mention its refreshing, woodsy aroma that is uplifting and energizing.

Cypress also offers a host of skin, respiratory, and internal health benefits. Even though it should never be used internally, the topical and aromatic use of Cypress gives you access to its fantastic benefits.


Cypress essential oil has a distinct woody scent that will bring you back to nature. The cypress tree is native to southern Europe and western Asia, where the Mediterranean climate provides the perfect environment for these cone-bearing trees to thrive.

Used since ancient times for ornamental and functional purposes, these towering trees carried the connotation of mourning and life after death for many ancient cultures. This is because their uses were usually centered around coffin-building and cemetery decorations. Luckily, we now know the cypress tree offers us many life-giving benefits to refresh and energize your body!


Feeling like you can’t control the shine of your oily skin? Cypress essential oil contains monoterpenes that help tone down the shine and restore a healthy glow to your complexion. Just add a drop to your daily toner and you will instantly see the difference. Dilute and apply Cypress essential oil to problem areas as needed to clear up breakouts fast.


There is nothing more refreshing for me than being outdoors. When that is not possible, try diffusing Cypress with other woody oils (like Cedarwood or White Fir) to make it feel like you are out for a walk in the woods to help clear your mind.

Cypress is also a great oil to have on hand after trauma. With its ability to calm your nervous system responses, its aroma will help to ground you and calm your anxious mind. Try blending Cypress with Lavender, Basil, and citrus oils for a calming, soothing massage or diffuser blend.


For each teaspoon of carrier oil, use about 25 drops of essential oils. Apply with slow, gentle strokes and light pressure to help relieve stress, support healthy emotional health, and allow the powerful essential oils to enter your body and deeply impact your systems. Find a blend that appeals to you, but here is an idea to get you started:

7 drops Lavender essential oil
5 drops Frankincense essential oil
5 drops Wild Orange or Bergamot essential oil
3 drops Cypress essential oil
3 drops Basil essential oil


Ever feel like you need some extra motivation before you work out? I know I do! Rubbing down your legs and feet with diluted Cypress essential oil makes a great pre-exercise ritual to increase your circulation and give you the energy you need to enjoy your workout.

It is also great to boost your mental energy. If you feel your mind slowing down during the day, try blending Cypress oil with Basil or citrus oils like Wild Orange, Tangerine, Lemon, or Lime in your diffuser for a refreshing and invigorating scent that will help your mind focus.


You are only as healthy as the cells that make up your body, so it is important to give them a boost whenever possible. The alpha-pinene in Cypress essential oil helps regulate your cell health when you use it aromatically. It helps make sure your cells are getting all the oxygen and nutrients they need by increasing circulation. It also can assist with healthy immune responses and reduce the inflammation in your body, which really slows down your cells and impacts every system.


Camphene, a constituent of Cypress essential oil, has been found to promote clear, easy breathing. This, paired with Cypress’s cleansing properties, makes it a great one to have on hand!

For some extra strength, try combining Cypress with citrus oils to support your breathing during every season.


Research has shown Cypress to be a powerful essential oil for both your home and your body. Adding a couple drops of Cypress to your homemade soaps and cleaners will provide a woodsy aroma. It also serves as a powerful cleaning agent to rid your surfaces of nasty intruders. Constituents in Cypress essential oil are also helpful in ridding your body of toxins.

Using Cypress in an Epsom salt bath can help clear your body of toxins. Or add it to your favorite massage blend to calm your mind and body, increase circulation, and improve your overall internal health.


Men often appreciate the more masculine, outdoorsy smell of Cypress essential oil, which makes it a great one to use as a base note in men’s colognes or the personal care products you may be trying to get him to use. When making the switch to clean products and essential oils, Cypress may be one that helps get your man on board!

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  1. Sacred Elixir October 8, 2020 at 11:26 pm #

    Great article. I have always been a fan of Cypress oil but only knew about a few uses. This article gives a very details information about it. Will definitely try it out. Great work!

    • Dr. Mariza October 9, 2020 at 2:40 pm #

      Thank you! It has many benefits and can be blended with so many other oils! You can also try the emotional support massage blend I shared above. 🙂

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