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#381: Change Your Breakfast with These Thermogenic Foods for More Energy All Day Long

What we eat for breakfast will either make or break our energy and metabolism for the day and YES, I am even talking about the added sugar in your coffee or tea to start your day.  It’s important that the first meal you eat to break your fast, on any given day, is a meal that doesn’t cause a blood sugar spike and crash… Because your first meal will set the tone for the rest of your day! It’s the difference-maker between you craving sugary snacks all day long OR you feeling full and energized.

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#377: Three Signs to Know if You Are on a Blood Sugar Rollercoaster Without a Continuous Glucose Monitor

Almost as insidious as chronic stress on the body, is being on a constant blood sugar rollercoaster – because every time we spike our blood sugar, we can create an inflammatory response. And the more often we cause a spike, we begin to  raise our fasting blood sugar levels, drive insulin resistance, experience a hot mess of symptoms, and potentially, create serious chronic disease in the body over time.

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