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White flowers of jasmine on grey wooden background

Jasmine Essential Oil Uses & Benefits

Sweet, warm, floral, fruity, intoxicating, rich, spicy: words that I think of when I inhale the heady aroma of Jasmine.  This “king of the oils” is feminine, sultry, and luxurious. A prized oil, frequently used in the high-quality perfume industry, Jasmine is one of the most expensive oils due to the lengthy extraction process and amount of flowers required to extract a significant amount of absolute.  It has been prized for centuries as a deeply feminine fragrance and natural aphrodisiac. When applied on pulse points, Jasmine Absolute promotes feelings of joy, peace, and self-confidence while boosting your mood for the duration.

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#93: The Menstrual Cycle Is the 5th Vital Sign with Lisa Hendrickson-Jack

We all know the important indicators to our overall health such as pulse, temperature, blood pressure, and so on, but what about your menstrual cycle? You may not realize it, but your menstrual cycle can provide essential information into how your body is functioning and act as an early warning sign when things may be changing incorrectly under the surface.

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