#233: Debunking Menopause Myths Once and for All

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Our culture, and even our doctors, continue to perpetuate myths that menopause is the “end” of your productive life… that you’re officially “old”… that your only solution is hormone replacement therapy or the birth control pill… that there’s nothing you can do about the hot flashes, weight gain, and uncomfortable symptoms that are making you miserable.

It’s time to annihilate this misinformation with science-backed facts that restore your power and dignity and help you face menopause with ease and grace. 

Menopause means the end of your reproductive ability, yes, but it also means you have abundant energy available to live life to the full for years to come! Tune in today to learn which lies you may be believing and how you can approach menopause with strength and power to keep living your best life!

  • Shedding light on the most pervasive menopause myths that our culture (and even some medical professionals) continue to believe
  • Why menopause means you can actually live life with MORE energy and abundance than you could in your reproductive years
  • The truth about menopausal weight gain and how you can avoid it
  • Lies you may be believing about HRT and birth control, and why they are not always necessary to keep you feeling your best

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