#361: 5 Things You Can Quickly Do After Overeating to Avoid the Blood Sugar Rollercoaster

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You know you need to limit your sugar intake, so you start your day with the best of intentions. But before you know it, stress shows up, you’re getting hungry, and it gets hard to make wise decisions. You cave, telling yourself it’s only temporary. But soon, you’re feeling hungry and tired and craving more sugar. The cycle seems to repeat perpetually. You want to do better, but…

First, you need to deal with the blood sugar crash…

I’m sharing five things you can do after overeating to stabilize your blood sugar! Tune in today to hear…

  • What happens in your body after you eat sugary food
  • When to expect a blood sugar crash
  • How my blood sugar reacted after drinking some lemonade
  • What to do instead of napping after eating too much
  • What to eat to slow down a blood sugar spike
  • And more!

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