#430: 5 Ways Magnesium Optimizes Hormones and Energy

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In This Episode:

When I was struggling with chronic fatigue a decade ago, I was shocked to find that I was lacking in very important key nutrients: selenium, zinc, iron, B vitamins and, especially… magnesium.  

And I am not the only one… most women I talk to are deficient in Magnesium, too. 

This deficiency manifests as anxiety, restlessness, hypertension, muscle spasms, fatigue, and a whole LOT more. 

Catch today’s podcast to find out how to spot a magnesium deficiency, the MANY specific benefits you can get from a supplement, and which types of magnesium are best–and learn: 

  • What being deficient in magnesium looks (and feels) like
  • How magnesium supplementation helps with your reproductive hormones, sleep, blood sugar, energy, and overall well-being 
  • The number one type of magnesium I recommend (there are many!)
  • Other forms + the where to get the BEST of them all in one place 

Mentioned in This Episode

Magnesium RestoreThe Anxiety-Buster

Activated B CompleteThe Nerve-Protector 

Essentially Whole StoreYour Home for All-Things Healthy 

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