#498: Unique Risk Factors That Make Women More Prone to Heart Disease than Men

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For most of the past century, more women than men have died from cardiovascular disease, heart attacks, and stroke…

…and as many as half of the women in developed countries, including the US, will die of these almost entirely-preventable conditions. 

Yet it is still considered to be primarily a male problem… But why?

Catch today’s episode for all the science behind why women are more prone to heart disease, as well as simple steps you can take to prevent it–and learn:

  1. What your genetics, lifestyle, and hormones are telling you
  2. How sleep, stress, and blood sugar play into the equation
  3. 10 unique risk factors for women 
  4. 4 simple steps for preventing heart disease     
  5. 8 blood sugar hacks to fix your metabolic health now 

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