#572: How to Know You are in Perimenopause Including the 40+ Symptoms Associated with Declining Hormones

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Most women don’t even realize they’ve reached perimenopause until they’re already deep into it. 

You may feel depleted and exhausted. You may experience brain fog.

Or you may have frustrating physical symptoms that you just can’t pinpoint. 

If this is the case for you in midlife, you could be in perimenopause. 

Over 24 million women in the US are going through perimenopause right now! So… are you ready to find out if you’re one of them? 

In this podcast, we unravel the truth about perimenopause, go through common perimenopause symptoms, and discuss what you can do NOW to help alleviate your symptoms for good. 

Listen now and become the CEO of your health– at any stage of life! 


  1. Addressing the knowledge gap surrounding perimenopause 
  2. Common signs and symptoms of perimenopause 
  3. How perimenopause impacts every organ system in the body 
  4. The 2 phases of perimenopause 
  5. All about your hormone changes in perimenopause 
  6. Hormone replacement therapy options 
  7. The list of the Top 40 symptoms seen in perimenopause 
  8. How to adjust your lifestyle to ease perimenopause symptoms 


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