586: What You Can Do in Perimenopause to Optimize Your Energy, Resilience and Brain Power with Dr. Mariza

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I’ve said it once and I’ll say it again…

Perimenopauseor the profound transition into menopause– is one of the MOST overlooked areas of women’s health. 

This 4 to 10-year perimenopausal transition deserves more attention because we’re taking on the MOST at this time. 

And although it’s a huge change in your body, you can implement several simple adjustments to significantly ease this transition. 

Packed with my top diet and blood sugar balancing hacks, daily movement practices, functional lab test recommendations, and my take on hormone replacement therapy… this episode covers it ALL. 

It’s time to OWN your power and become your best self. It’s not all about trying to navigate perimenopause and beyond… it’s about learning to live your best life and feel GREAT in your body. 

Tune into this episode to discover how to do just that!


  1. Supporting your body through the perimenopause transition 
  2. Understanding your metabolic health through perimenopause 
  3. Recommended labs for a picture of your overall health 
  4. Dutch test, GI mapping test, and other suggested tests 
  5. The common changes in your menstrual cycle during midlife 
  6. Top hacks for balancing your blood sugar in perimenopause
  7. Diet and daily movement recommendations for perimenopause 
  8. Hormone replacement therapy options and recommendations 


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