Topical Bioidentical Progesterone: Uses and Benefits

The natural decline in hormone levels as we age can make regular everyday tasks you’ve rocked for years feel burdensome and more challenging to accomplish.

Sometimes, though, the effects of fluctuating hormone levels can be downright devastating. When you consider what happens as a result of low progesterone — infertility, miscarriages, severe PMS, irregular cycles, PCOS, and more — it makes the need for rebalance and relief that much more important.

Progesterone is the hormone responsible for regulating your cycle and preparing your uterus for pregnancy. Since estrogen and progesterone work together to regulate fertility and menstrual cycles, low progesterone levels can cause estrogen levels to rise which then leads to estrogen dominance. And oftentimes, when one hormone is out of whack, it can cause a ripple effect.

Are you ready for the good news?

There are many resources available and actionable steps you can take to not only minimize the impact of this transition on your daily life but to thrive and feel better than you’ve felt in years!

Topical bioidentical progesterone is a game-changer when it comes to balancing your hormones. It offers a myriad of benefits such as reducing hot flashes, improving sleep, restoring energy levels, and stabilizing moods. Free of major allergens, parabens, fragrances, and other chemicals you’ll find in other brands, Progest-Restore is my custom-formulated supplement and it contains only the purest, natural ingredients and boasts all five-star reviews from women just like you.

I’d like to answer some questions about how this life-changing topical progesterone supplement could be critical to improving your quality of life, and knowing if it is right for you.

FAQs About Progest-Restore

How do I know if I need this product?

I formulated this product to safely provide quick, long-lasting relief from symptoms of estrogen dominance — one of the most common hormone imbalance problems women face today. While estrogen dominance causes a multitude of symptoms in women, experiencing only a few may mean you are one of the millions of women affected. Take this quiz to find out if you have estrogen dominance to know if this product might be right for you or read more about estrogen dominance here.

How do I take this product?

Progesterone is best absorbed through parts of the body with thinner skin. Apply 1 mL (or one dropper full) 1-2 times per day as needed to smoother skin areas, such as the wrists, inner arms or thighs, throat, neck, abdomen, or chest.

What time of my cycle should I use it?

This product can be used any time you are not menstruating. For best results, you should begin using this product two weeks after your period started, just after ovulation (otherwise known as the luteal phase) and stop using it once your period is scheduled to begin. It is not recommended to use this product during menstruation. If you are in menopause, you can take it at any time. If your cycle is irregular, you should still follow a rhythm of about 2 weeks on, 2 weeks off.

Can I use this at the same time as my oral progesterone?

While progesterone is most effective when applied topically, I recommend consulting with a trusted healthcare provider as to whether or not you can use this product in combination with oral progesterone or any other medications you are taking.

Should I start with one or two applications a day?

I recommend starting with one application per day. If you do not experience symptom relief with one application per day after 5-7 days, I recommend increasing to 2 applications per day, paying close attention to the changes you are experiencing to determine which dosage is best for your body.

Is this progesterone good for everyone? Should I test first?

Testing for hormone imbalances is the most accurate way to determine what your body needs to rebalance. However, if you are experiencing symptoms of estrogen dominance and need quick relief, I recommend giving this topical bioidentical progesterone a try. The most common hormone imbalance I encounter is women not having enough progesterone to balance estrogen, which was my motivation for developing this life-changing product.

Do you notice improvements to your symptoms after trying this product? Excellent! Don’t notice any improvements even after increasing to twice daily? Then I recommend testing to ensure you’re effectively treating your specific deficiency.

Some other resources on my recommendations for testing can be found here:

Can men use Progest-Restore?

Because Progest-Restore is geared toward women’s hormones, I do not recommend this product for men.

What is the source of the ingredient USP bioidentical progesterone?

Progest-Restore is formulated with wild yam and infused with ultra-micronized USP Progesterone for optimal absorption.

Why does the label mention warnings?

In compliance with California’s Proposition 65, I am required to provide a warning label on California shipments of products that have trace amounts of naturally-occurring heavy metals. The considerably low levels found in these products are a result of natural occurrence from the soils where the crops that produced this product were grown. These trace amounts have no or extremely minimal risk when weighed against the health benefits of this product. I am committed to creating only the highest quality products and ensuring I am in compliance with the laws and regulations of the states in which I provide these products.

Are there any side effects associated with this product?

While most people only experience the rejuvenating benefits of this product like more restful sleep, increased libido, and more regulated cycles and moods, as your body adjusts, some mild side effects may occur.

If you do not begin using this product at the start of the luteal phase (typically between days 14-16 for most women), you may experience an irregular menstrual cycle. Additionally, because Progesterone increases blood flow to mucus membranes, it can dilate veins and relax body tissues which may cause nosebleeds in a small minority of users. If you experience this, I recommend reducing the dosage to 1x daily and keeping nostrils moistened with a salve such as Vaseline.

As a best practice, it is recommended to consult your physician with any specific questions about this product for your case.

Progest-Restore: In a Nutshell

High-quality bioidentical topical progesterone serum is the simplest and surest way to improve your progesterone levels quickly so you can reap the overdue benefits of improved sleep, sustained energy, stabilized moods, less PMS, and so much more! This, in combination with supporting your liver with targeted nutrition and important self-care rituals, could be the missing piece to your menopause puzzle!

Menopause is unavoidable — but feeling less than your best is optional! Try Progest-Restore today.

Get Your Progest-Restore Here!

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