#385: Five Critical Steps to Reduce Cognitive Decline

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In This Episode:

When it comes to my brain health, I am 100% committed to keeping mine in tip-top shape for as long as possible. And the key to doing this is by eating the right food

Remember: Food is information and the nutrients in your food are going to become your future brain. 

Do you want a tortilla chips and french fries brain–or a salmon and diverse salad brain?

Tune in to today’s podcast for my FIVE STEPS to healing your brain and preventing cognitive decline or even Alzheimer’s, and learn:

  • Ways to reduce inflammation by eating gut and liver loving anti-inflammatory foods
  • Why you should restrict your eating window with intermittent fasting
  • How much sleep you really need
  • What amount and what type of exercise to incorporate into your regimen 
  • Which nutrients are the most important to ensuring long-term brain health

Mentioned in This Episode

Neuro+ Support –  The Brain-Booster. 

Magnesium RestoreThe Anxiety-Buster.

Vitamin D CompleteThe Cell-Strengthener. 

Activated B CompleteThe Nerve-Protector. 

Essentially Whole Store – Your Home for All-Things Healthy 

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